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Lunch Time!
Here's the situation: My pets and my friends pets are sitting down have lunch, having a great time. My Sugar Glider Speedy See's my other pet Moonbat and offers her a Strawberry.
Speedy Flyer: ' Hey, Moonbat?'
Moonbat: 'Yes?'
Speedy Flyer: 'W-would you like a strawberry? It's the prettiest one....' ( Blushes)
Moonbat: 'Oh um, Y-yes I would like that very much Speedy.' ( Blushes)
Gliding Through!
This is my new pet Sugar Glider named Speedy Flyer. I adopted him a few days ago and his is about the cutest thing ever! ♡ Enjoy!
New Freinds Hanging Out
This cute little green guy is my new pet Sugar Glider named Speedy Flyer. I know Sugar Gliders don't hang by their tails in trees but come on I couldn’t resist. And Moonbat was taken with him when he first dropped out of the tree by his tail and gave her a smile. Enjoy!
Freinds Hanging Out
I know its not Christmas yet but me and my freinds on animal jam play wild where just goofing off without our reindeer sets the other day. I haven't been able to spend time with them for some time, so this was really special for me and I wanted to thank them with this. Enjoy!
I just got addicted to drawing skunks so your gonna be seeing a lot of skunk drawings and sketches. I hope you enjoy them as much as I will.


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Kacia P. Collins
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi there, my name's Kacia it's nice of u to drop by. Welcome to my profile! As u can see, I'm a lover of animals and create my own characters. The folder called ' Tailz' is actually an assortment of characters of a book I'm currently working on on my phone, someday I plan to make it into a comic and post it here for everyone to see and enjoy. It's basically about three friends who get transported in to another dimension and try to their way thought the strange new world they discovered. I love to draw cute pictures of animals in romance situations but I will slash in a few made up or scary pictures of animals. I started my profile a year ago in February but I've taken it more seriously since then. I didn't always draw, I truly stared when my best friend Michaela Hartzler, she's the best fantasy artist I've ever seen and she gave me my inspiration to start drawing. At first I drew raccoons, wolves, and cats ( and not very good ones at that). once I started highschool, then my talents really began to show. Those four years gave my time to practice, find new techniques, and share it with my friends. Then I wondered if I could make my own account on DeviantArt and share with other artists, so I took a step and low and behold, here I am. Art is a thing i take with caution yet eagerly with open arms. I just have this to say, everyone has their own style. Once you find it, embrace it and find your own way to express it to others who will appreciate it but most of all.... take your time and have fun. Besides, If you don't have fun your not really making art. With this, I hope you enjoy my profile and the art I submit. Thank you and enjoy!


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